VESSEL DUE F Capsules contains 250 LSU of Sulodexide

Vessel Due F contains Sulodexide glycosaminglycan featuring a marked antithrombotic action either on arterial or venous systems. Several clinical studies based on parenteral and oral product’s administration show that the antithrombotic action of Sulodexide is due to the dose-dependent inhibition of some coagulative factors among which, first of all, the Xactivated factor, interference with thrombin remains instead at levels of low significance and the consequences of a coagulative action are generally avoided.

Antithrombotic action is sustained even by the inhibition of platelet aggregation and by the activition of circulatory and wall fibrinolytic system.

Sulodexide is also capable of normalizing altered viacosimetry parameters generally present in patients with vascular pathologies with thrombotic risk; this action mainly relies on reduced fibrinogen values. 

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