Forms and presentation

Ovules: Box of 6.


Each ovule contains: Econazole nitrate: 150 mg.

Excipients: Semi-synthetic glycerides.




Mycotic vulvo-vaginal infections even when complicated by Gram+ bacterial superinfections.


Known individual hypersensitivity towards the product’s components.

Drug interactions

Clinical trials and extensive therapeutical use did not show any interactions or incompatibilities with other medicaments.

Ability to drive and use machine

No known effects on vigilance (driving vehicles or operating machinery).

Pregnancy and lactation

Pregnancy: During the first trimester of pregnancy the product should be used when clearly necessary, and under direct medical supervision.

Side effects

In hypertensive patients local mild irritations or sensitisation phenomena may occur; as well as pelvic cramps, cutaneous eruptions and headache. In these events the physician should consider the opportunity to discontinue the administration of the product and adopt another therapy. If, after administration, side effects not reported in this leaflet appear, they should be communicated to the physician.

Dosage and administration

In the evening before going to bed, and for 3 consecutive days, insert into the vagina, preferably lying down, a vaginal ovule. A second therapeutic cycle should be carried out in the event of a recurrence or when a control culture is found to be positive even after a week of therapy.

It is recommended that the partner be concomitantly treated with Ifenec vaginal cream.


To date, there have been no reports of overdosage in man.

Storage conditions

Store at temperature not exceeding 25°C.


Origin: Italy

Laboratories: Lifepharma-Italo Farmaco SPA

Distributor: Droguerie Phenicia

Number & Year of Registration: 974211/2001