Forms and presentation

Capsules: Box of 20.


Each capsule contains: Trimebutine maleate: 150 mg.


Irritable Bowel Syndrome, colon spasm and abdominal pains symptoms, disturbances of esophageal motility.


Individual ascertained hypersensitivity to the product.

Drug interactions

No data available about interactions.

Pregnancy and lactation

Pregnancy: avoid during the first three months of pregnancy.

Lactation: to avoid.

Side effects

Cases of skin reactions.

Dosage and administration

300-400 mg daily, on average.

Posology may be increased on medical advice.


There have been no reports of overdosage in man. In the event of overdosage a symptomatic treatment should be instituted.

Storage conditions

Store at temperature not exceeding 25° C.


Origin: Italy

Laboratories: Lifepharma-Italo Farmaco SPA

Distributor: Droguerie Phenicia

Number & Year of Registration: 973432/2001